CabbageCon 2024

An Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra fan convention

CabbageCon is an Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra fan convention.


The convention is April 11-14, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio.


Tickets are on sale now! 

Last day for online sales April 10!

A square picture. The middle has a gradient of orange to blue with the elemental symbols from Avatar and it says Book II: Water. There are three pictures each lining the top and bottom from the 2023 convention of cosplayers and panels.

How to register your Kickstarter memberships

Starting on Friday, April 15, you can register your membership for the con at You will receive a promo code via Kickstarter to do so. Your Kickstarter pledge is not your ticket; you must register through our third-party seller or you will have to...

Kickstarter is fully funded!

WE DID IT! In just four days, we fully funded the Kickstarter goal for CabbageCon 2023. Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far! Everyone who pledges for tickets will receive a special piece of swag when they register at the con. Half our biggest packages...

Ticket tiers

KICKSTARTER TIERS WINGED LEMUR - $1Support the convention and follow along on Kickstarter.TURTLE DUCK - $25Early ticket buying window to CabbageCon 2023. Ticket price will be less your $25 pledge.FIRE FERRET - $40Early ticket buying window and special CabbageCon gift....