Starting on Friday, April 15, you can register your membership for the con at You will receive a promo code via Kickstarter to do so.

Your Kickstarter pledge is not your ticket; you must register through our third-party seller or you will have to buy tickets at the door. If you have any trouble with this process, please email us at or message us on Kickstarter.

You will have until September 1 to register your tickets. Until we sell out, they will still be available for you free of charge or at a reduced rate, but after September 1, they will be released to the general public and we can no longer guarantee their availability.

Anyone is welcome to use the promo code provided to register your membership, so if you find out you cannot attend the con or would like to gift/sell your tickets to someone else, please feel free. Once you register your ticket, however, you will incur a fee if you wish to transfer it.

Room reservations at our host hotel will be available starting April 25. Information including the booking link will be available on

Thank you again, and we’ll see you next year!