Mayor K-K here with their traditional thank you post. As always, there are so many to thank, so I’ll start
with the hard stuff and move on to the thank yous from there.

I don’t know if there’s going to be another CabbageCon. I am forever grateful some of my people took
on the responsibilities during year one, but there were a lot of difficulties, and the attendee numbers
this year reflected that. Low numbers means low coffers, and while I have never personally made a cent
on any of my cons in ten years, there’s a difference between squeaking by and actively ending in debt.

I was not in charge of the money this year or last – it’s a crushing, year-long burden of anxiety, and
without it that’s how I was able to step into the organizer role again this year at all – but if I did another
CabbageCon, I’d want to take over the whole thing again, and I don’t think I can handle that.

So. There is hope yet – someone else on my staff might take it, which would mean moving it to another
city, or I might win the lottery, or some mysterious Beifong-like benefactor will give me a large sum and
not ask for it in return. But the fact is that 2024 was likely the last year for this wonderful little con.

Thank you, first and foremost, those who stuck by us this year, who were generous and trusting and
gracious and fun and good. I have the best attendees in the world.

Thank you to the Crowne Plaza – I have never worked with a venue so competent, let alone so lovely.
They made us Avatar-themed drink and food menus, simply because they love the show also!
Thank you to my sponsors – you always put so much faith in me, and I hope I delivered.

Thank you to my vendors, especially The Mystery Shack, who has been with me since Beach City Con
and provided us with literal thousands of free trading cards to give out to attendees when they checked

Thank you to my guests, Tranquil Ashes, the face and host of this con, and Cricket Leigh, the voice of
Mai. The latter put on a truly special Mental Health in Anime panel that I hope she gets to put on at cons
in the future!

Thank you to Not So Super Cosplay, the Confused Greenies, Rachel Schumacher and the voice recording
studio – between the three groups there were more than a dozen hours of programming, all of it
incredible and entertaining and unique.

The White Lotus Quartet was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen at one of my cons. Thank
you for bringing something so incredibly special that we all got to experience together.

Thank you to Erin, who absolutely crushed it at marketing, not just at the con but this whole year, with
bare minimum guidance. You have an extremely bright future in this business.

My staff in general was incredible, as they are every year. We had a lot of new people and they were all
so kind and helpful. No one shirks their shifts and everyone offers extra hands when they’re needed.
You’re all welcome to any of my future events, and if this is the last one, I hope we see each other again
in some other context.

Granger, my programming director, and Ruby, my registration head – your efficiency and proficiency
throughout the long hours we all worked at-con were above and beyond. You are quite literally

To all the Cabbage Council whom I haven’t mentioned so far: Em, Rebecca, Joshua, Drea – I have never
had such a deep bench. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And of course, Alex and Lindsay. When I was considering cancelling the con last year you saved it, thus
giving me the gift of one more year of doing this thing that I love so much. I will never, ever forget that
for the rest of my life.

I do believe friendships can last more than one lifetime. Whatever happens, I will carry all of you with
me throughout this one and the next.

From the bottom of my heart: YIP YIP!